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About Us

''We help clients improve the performance of their products, parts and tools through applied materials engineering.''
A philosophy that JAS was founded on in 2013 and one that remains today.
JAS created Swab an American manufacturer that produces and distributes industrial strength, organic cleaning solutions. Our products are designed to clean effectively while prioritizing the safety of PEOPLE, PETS, and PLANET.
From heavy-duty degreasers to potent barnacle removers, choose SWAB Organics for a cleaner, greener approach to industrial cleaning.

JAS’s fabrication and repair division was born out of the extensive coatings, and welding experience we’re privileged to possess. The items we fabricate and repair are often the same parts and tools that we apply coatings to, making JAS a more vertically integrated solutions provider for our customers. With a deep knowledge of and experience with Thermal Spray and Welding technologies, JAS fuses specific alloys to damaged areas then finish the surface to make parts look and operate better than new, often at a fraction of the replacement cost, opening up a world of savings opportunities for our customers.

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Igor Garcia
Strategic Partnership & Business Development